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Single Speed Bike or a Fixed Gear Bike? - What's the difference?

Posted by Michael Tarr on

We get many customers asking us about the differences between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike so we thought it would be good to explain it here in a blog post.

Fear not, all our bikes are both Single Speed Bikes and Fixed Gear Bikes due to them having a Flip Flop hub on the rear wheel. Flip Flop hubs have a fixed cog on one side and a single speed freewheeling cog on the other.

This means if you would like to coast/freewheel/stop pedalling you can! If you are up for the challenge of riding fixed gear this can be done by simply flipping the rear wheel around and placing the chain on the fixed cog.

Riding fixed means the pedals rotate if the rear wheel is moving. You have to keep pedalling all the time. You can slow yourself down by applying resistance to the pedals which will bring you to a gradual stop.

This is different to coaster brake bike where back pedalling applies the brake. Riding on the single speed side is like riding a normal bike. You can stop pedalling at any point to rest and roll down a hill. In order to stop you have to have brakes.

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