Crazy brakeless descent through Mexico City – Fixed Gear Frenzy
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Crazy brakeless descent through Mexico City

Posted by Michael Tarr on

If you are brave enough to ride a fixed gear bike brakeless on your commute to work you’ll be well aware of how much focus and concentration it can require. As you maneuver in and out of traffic you have to predict the very next move of the cars in front of you.

In this video Brian ‘Safa’ Wagner leads filmmaker Lucas Brunelle on a fast paced commute along one of Mexico City’s busiest roads called the Avenida Constituyentes.

Safa weaves in and out of traffic making gaps that you would never of thought possible. There are a few nail biting moments where cars change lanes forcing Brian to react.

According to Brian they were averaging about 28 mph and hit near 40 mph on some sections. 

Brian Safa Wagner is riding brakeless on his fixed gear bike followed by Lucas Brunelle who is on his Cinelli road bike.

You will have to watch the video to see it for yourself. It left me on the edge of my seat and even got my adrenaline going. Try pick the lines as though you were riding. It really shows off the amazing skills and experience these two riders have.

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