Cheap Single Speed Bikes

Don’t let the word “cheap” put you off buying an affordable single speed bike. Single speed bikes are now more wallet friendly than ever and the quality of these cheaper bikes has improved greatly. A cheap single speed/fixie will do the job and get you from A to B. Almost all single speed bikes under £400 have a similar frame quality. The difference in quality between a £400 bike and £200 bike is mainly determined by the components that make up the bike. On a cheaper single speed bike, components won’t be top of the range and are likely to be heavier than those found on higher priced bikes. Most of the less expensive bikes have high tensile steel frames. This is a cheaper form of steel and can make the bike heavier. You can still ride fast on a heavier bike. It will make you a bit fitter and save you money. 

 If you have a tight budget you can still find a decent bike that won’t fall apart. All our bikes are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty for peace of mind. See below for our selection of cheap and cheerful fixies.