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Garmin Collars

Garmin's tracking and training collars have revolutionized the way we hunt with our dogs over the last few years. With Garmins takeover of Tri-Tronics, they are positioned be the leader in the tracking collar and e-collar market for years to come. Their current industry leading Garmin Astro 430 and Garmin Alpha 100 allow hunters to track up to 20 dog over an amazing 9 mile range. Their newest system, the PRO 550 Plus, combines the training ability of the PRO 550 and adds 2 mile tracking. Garmin reinvented the best-selling and beloved Tri-Tronics Pro Basic with their release of the Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport PRO. Garmin is also proving to bring more than just e-collar and tracking to the industry with the Virb video camera and the newly released Drive Track 71, an in-car GPS navigation and dog tracking system that works seamlessly with your Alpha 100 and Astro 430 systems. You won't find anyone more educated on these Garmin tracking and training collars than the staff here at Lion Country Supply.

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