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Q: Are your bikes only fixed gear?

A: No, all our bikes are single speed but have flip flop hub so you can choose if you want to ride fixed gear. 

Q: Is delivery free for bikes?

A: Yes in the UK we offer free delivery on all bikes. 

Q: Do you ship bikes internationally?

A: Yes we ship to most European countries. You can find more info about our international shipping rates here.

Q: What size should I go for?

A: Its important that you get the right size single speed bike. Please see our bike size guide for help with this.

Q: Do your bikes come assembled or am I required to assemble the bike?

A: All our bikes come 90 % assembled. All you have to do is attach the front wheel, pedals, handlebar and tighten up the brakes. Its really easy to do. We would recommend having your new bike checked over by a professional at a bike shop.

Q: Do your bikes come with brakes and pedals?

A: Yes, all the bikes we sell include pedals. Front and rear brakes come with all our bikes also.

Q: So what exactly is a freewheel?

A: All our single speed bikes come with what's called a flip flop rear hub. This hub is double sided. One side has a freewheel (which allows you to stop pedalling and coast) and the other side has a fixed gear cog (you have to keep pedalling.) You can choose which side you prefer to ride on. All the bikes arrive setup on the freewheel side.

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