Aerospoke Wheel-Yellow – Fixed Gear Frenzy
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Aerospoke Wheel-Yellow

Aerospoke Wheel-Yellow


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Whether you are a Velodrome Racer or a Fixie Rider, Aerospoke wheels are essential gear for your ride.

Aerospoke is proud of the many world records set on their wheels – many of which came on the Velodrome. The aerodynamic performance and rollability of wheels is proven. The stiffness of wheels means less energy loss due to wheel flex or deformation.

Aerospoke wheels are rugged and that means less time truing spokes and more time riding the streets. Five spoke wing design provides a “canvas” to be creative with wheels as well - and we offer a wide variety of colors and graphics to do just that.

Aerospoke wheels were designed with every rider in mind. The wheels offer something for everyone; the sport rider, fitness rider, fixie or commuter no longer has to true their wheels. They can use that time riding instead. Aerospoke wheels are considered some of the stiffest wheels on the planet - maximizing power transfer efficiency without wheel deformation or lateral bending.

100% made in the USA, 5 spoke Carbon composite wheels for speed and durability.

• NMSW (Non Machined) or MSW (Machined side wall - suitable for brakes)
• 20mm wide Aerohead rim
• Track/Road
• 700c
• Clincher

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