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Campagnolo Ghibli Front Track Wheel

Campagnolo Ghibli Front Track Wheel

  • £2,197.00

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Ghibli wheels are the disc wheels par excellence.
They were designed by the wind to excel in time trials, where every hundredth of a second counts. Maximum aerodynamics, maximum lightness and maximum stiffness - these are the features that make Ghibli wheels so special. The Ghibli wheel is the one and only wheel of its kind: it features a tensile-structure design adapted from aerospace technology that confers exceptional power transmission while maintaining extraordinary lightness. The oversize hub is specific to Ghibli. Ghibli wheels are fitted with quick releases with levers in cold-forged aluminium with two pivots for more balanced clamping.

* steel track axles
* cup and cone bearings
* aluminium hub bodies
* aramidic fibre tensile structure
* disc profile

front wheel (pista): 955 g

rear wheel (pista): 995 g

The nominal weight refers to the lighter specification among the available options.