Crud Roadguard (Pair) Black (MK 11)

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  • The Crud road racer MK2 mudguard is super light and sturdy making it a great addition to your single speed bike in the winter. You don't need mudguard eyelets to attach this mudgard and it's very simple to do without any tools. The Crud Road Racer MK2 Mudgaurd will fit any fixie or single speed bike whcih has 23mm or 25mm tyres. The Crud Racer MK2 is a discreet and won't make those annoying rattles that come with traditional mudgauards. At Fixed Gear Frenzy we highly recommend the Crud Road Racer MK2 mudgaurd.

    Key features:

    • Brush fixtures for dampening vibrations
    • Includes everything you need to fit them
    • For 700c wheels with tyres up to 25c
    • Quick release
    • Self centereing design to reduce rub
    • Only 180g for the set.

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