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DMR Bikes DMR - V8 Pedal - 9/16 - Purple

DMR Bikes DMR - V8 Pedal - 9/16 - Purple

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V8s use exactly the same body design as the V12, but they run on precision ground (5/32 balls),adjustable bearings (and a tough Cro. mo axle. A grease port and V-Lube syringe mean easy servicing. axle available 'complete' in black and 9/16 axles fitted as standard in all other colours (including black), axles available to order as seporate items to convert all colours to . Eight replaceable M4x0.7x8 corner pins, and 12 fitted non-replaceable pins per pedal. Colours: Black, White, Silver, Red, Vivid Blue, Aqua Blue, Irish Green, Purple, Orange, Ox Blood. New Floro Green, Acid Blue, Acid Green and Acid Red



115mm Long, 95mm Wide by 25mm High



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