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Dodici 9mm Fixed Gear Freestyle Frame


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The 9MM

Dodici Cicli designed this trickframe in every single detail within 2 years of testing and advising from various riders.

It fits 26″ 2.2″ wheels and has a very tight rear triangle, a negative bottom bracket for a good grind-clearance and true tempererd top- as down tube.

As only stainless steel non-cubic tubings are used on the frame it is incredible strong and in addition to that it features peg friendly rear drop outs. The true tempered tubings are internally reinforced – that is why additional gussets would have only caused unnecessary stresspoints on the frame.

There is a characteristic hole passing trough the seatstay – like the bullet that borrowed the name. The 9mm has a slightly longer top tube than the average frames on the market and let you barspin free of thought. The difference from size small and size large is the top tube length by keeping the same seatpost length.

Underneath the paint and inside the tubings the 9mm is electrocoated to protect them from corrosion.

Sizes: S (49-55) / L (55+)

Colours: matte red, matte black, brushed raw, matte blue

Wheelsize: 26″

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