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Ebc Magura Louise 07 Red

Ebc Magura Louise 07 Red

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Green Pads

General Replacement
High quality Organic formula producing an excellent all round replacement pad for pleasure riding, cross-country and trekking. If you're not sure what to choose, specify Green compound. This is our most popular all round pad. Good lifetime and stopping power.

Red pads

Improved Brake or Race Use
Higher friction red compound improves brake effect and breathes life into a dull system. These pads offer more grip than standard and can be used as an upgrade pad for any system where stopping power needs a boost. Also due to the low heat generation, red pads are ideal for downhill racing.

Gold pads

Longer Life Formula
These super high friction sintered bronze "Gold" pads set new standards in disc brake stopping power combined with maximum lifetime in all conditions. Nothing lasts longer. These pads also work great in mud, water, sand etc. If you have a premature wear problem with standard pads, switch to Gold - problem solved. Not suitable for downhill race use.

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