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Espresso Coaster Brake Wheelset – Silver 43mm Deep V Wheels


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  • large flange black alloy Joytech track style hub on front wheel, and black coaster brake hub on rear
  • 43mm deep profile double wall powdercoated rims
  • 32 stainless spokes
  • 16T sprocket included on rear coaster brake hub
  • includes front and rear wheel with rim tape and track nuts
  • Brand new in individually sealed and secured carton
  • Rear weight 1.7kg, hub width: 120mm

Front weight 1.3kg, hub width: 100mm A coaster brake wheel has one forward gear, you can coast along without pedaling, and if you step back on the pedals you activate the brake and the bike comes to a stop.


  • they combine the clean minimal cableless appearance of fixed gear bikes with the added functionality of being able to coast along (so you dont need to pedal while descending a hill).
  • they’re quiet. No clunking, clicking, freewheel or cassette noise.
  • they’re safer. The mechanical braking advantage puts less stress on your knees.
  • they’re comfortable. You can run any big, flat pedal without pedalstrike or straps, allowing more comfortable riding and shoe choice.
  • the hubs are sealed so they’re protected from the elements and thus perform well in rain or snow.


  • brake should be varied on and off for long descents, to avoid overheating
  • they may need to be repacked with grease every few years.
  • they ain?t light weight cos they’re combining your wheels with your brakes.
  • A coaster brake can only be applied when the cranks are reasonably level, takes a bit of getting used to.
  • As coaster brakes are only made for rear wheels, they have the disadvantage common to all rear brakes of skidding the wheel easily.

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