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Lezyne - Classic Chain Rod - 1,8,9,10spd - Inc Lokring Tool

Lezyne - Classic Chain Rod - 1,8,9,10spd - Inc Lokring Tool

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Heavy-duty, shop quality chain whip.

Custom Lezyne chain is attached with stainless bolts for easy chain replacement (8/9/10 speed compatible). Tool head is made of a stamped, CNC-machined, heat treated steel plate with integrated lockring tool. Shaped and varnished wood handle for classic look and comfortable grip. Stainless and high-strength steel fastening hardware for durability.

SIZE: 338mm | 13.3in

CNC MachinedForged

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Lights and Workshop tools video by Bike Radar

Review - Bike Radar 2011

these wood-handled workshop tools are real beauties.

"The shaped handles look even better after grubby mechanic mitts have been at them

PROS build quality, value. CONS none theyll last for years

"Buy quality, buy once and there's no reason why it shouldn't provide years of service." SHRED MAGAZINE

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"Thanks to the high-grade materials and construction used throughout and the high leverage provided courtesy of the long handles. these tools will last a lifetime too so go on.invest in a set!" MBUK