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Lezyne - CNC Rod - 32MM 6-Point Hex Wrench

Lezyne - CNC Rod - 32MM 6-Point Hex Wrench

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Shop quality, universal 32mm hex wrench designed for use with Lezyne 2-Way bottom bracket and cassette lock ring tools. The long CNC-machined aluminum extrusion handle provides ample leverage and is designed for daily shop use. A machined aluminium set screw holds tools in place. The set screw can be adjusted by hand or 4mm hex. It is designed to secure BB/cassette tools in place during use. High-polish anodized fi nish for shop-use durability.

LENGTH: 335mm | 13.2in

CNC MachinedAluminium Construction2-Way Tech

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"Thanks to the high-grade materials and construction used throughout and the high leverage provided courtesy of the long handles. these tools will last a lifetime too so go on.invest in a set!" MBUK