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Lezyne - Shop Shock Drive

Lezyne - Shop Shock Drive

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A heavy-duty shock pump for daily shop use. All parts are custom CNC-machined aluminum. The oversized oil-fi lled gauge is durable, accurate and easy to read. The high-pressure steel braided hose threads onto shock valves for a secure connection during infl ation. The hose detaches from pump for easy storage. An ergonomically shaped handle is designed to be easy to grip while infl ating at high pressures. Equipped with a bleeder valve to easily adjust shock pressure.

MAX: 300psi | 20.6bar

SIZE: 510mm | 670g

CNC MachinedAluminium Construction

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"Thanks to the high-grade materials and construction used throughout and the high leverage provided courtesy of the long handles. these tools will last a lifetime too so go on.invest in a set!" MBUK