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Lezyne - Steel Travel Floor Drive

Lezyne - Steel Travel Floor Drive

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A compact floor pump with all the capabilities ofv
a full-size fl oor pump at half the size. Made with
a steel barrel and piston, varnished wood handle,
aluminum base, and Composite Matrix connectors.
ABS Flip-Thread Chuck and premium-grade
rubber hose makes this pump compatible with
Presta and Schrader valves. Included Speed
Chuck makes pump compatible with disc wheels.
The 1.5" gauge is compact and precise. The steel
barrel is painted, keeping this pump stylish.

COLOR: Gloss Black

MAX: 160psi | 11bar

WEIGHT: 1053g

ABS EquippedFlip Thread ChuckSpeed Chuckcompact lay-flat design

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Verdict: 83% Light and easy to use, this ticks every box for a travel pump.

This stylishly finished offering from Lezyne is about half the size of a standard track pump, light and just as powerful, which certainly fits the bill as far as a travel pump is concerned.
this is designed as a travel pump, ease of use and lightweight transportation are top of the list and its here that it scores highly.

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