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Livery Design Gruppe 6 Bolt Lock-On Track Hub Set – Black Anodized


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Uniquely designed to allow for cog disassembly with a simple Allen key, making thread strippage obsolete. Form follows function, and our 6-Bolt Lock On Hubs are no different.

We’ve been asked by customers why we decided on using this 6 Bolt design. The tried and true design, to properly disperse torque, has been proven in the 6 bolt braking community. We felt no reason to try to sacrifice safety for aesthetic appeal. The tremendous amount of torque generated by fixed gear bicycles is reason enough to utilize a design that is sure to maintain a safe ride. We modeled our hubs in 3D CAD programs and analyzed all the critical stress points in our FEA analysis software in order to further understand our safety margins, regardless of whether these hubs are being ridden on a grueling daily commute or a casual stroll for coffee.

6-Bolt Lock On Cog Hubsets available in Black Anodized & Silver Anodized finishes. 17T cog included.

Hub Type: 32H Fixed
Spoke Type: Standard or Aero
Axle: <3/8” Thick Heat Treated Chromoly Hollow Axle, will fit M9 Front & M10 Rear
Bearing Type: Sealed Frictionless
Flange Height: 70mm
Spacing: 100mm Front, 120mm Rear
Shell Material: CNC’d 6061-T6 Heat Treated Aluminum
Bolt Material: Heat Treated Chromoly


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