Livery Design Gruppe Titanium Seatpost 27.2mm


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Our LD:Labs Titanium 3Al-2.5V seatposts are a seamlessly welded piece of art. Titanium seatposts provide a comfort cushion between the rider and a super stiff aluminum track frame.

Welding titanium is a challenge within itself, Livery had perfected the art of welding titanium by using a clean facility that NASA would be proud of. Titanium must be completely free of any contaminants such as surface oil, grease and oxides prior to the welding process. Our expert welders yield years of experience to provide the much sought after “stack of dimes” welds that connoisseurs look for.

Our Titanium seatpost provides a great ride and is a perfect pairing with our full Titanium 3Al-2.5V (6Al-4V also available) Track Frame due to be released soon. Provided with all CNC machined stainless allen hardware.


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