No Logo Bikes 2015 Single Speed/Fixed Gear Bike Black Gold


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The 2015 No Logo Single Speed Bike range is here and they have a few noteworthy upgrades. The 2015 Black Gold No Logo Bike comes with deeper 60mm No Logo Wheelset which is double walled with a flip flop hub so you can ride it as a single speed or fixed gear. The No Logo 2015 Black Gold features an aero alloy frameset which is lightweight and robust. The cockpit now comes with bullhorn handlebars which offer more hand positions over the old style riser handlebars.

Another noticeable upgrade is the track crankset. It has a thicker chainring for added stiffness.

The No Logo 2015 Black Gold is available in various frames sizes 53cm, 56cm and 59cm.

Key features:

  • Lightweight aero alloy frameset

  • 60mm Deep Section Wheelset with flip flop hubs

  • Bullhorn Handlebars

  • Pedals and Brakes included

Additional information

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