Restrap Horizontal Pedal Straps

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  • The Restrap Horizontal Pedal Straps offer a solid and durable solution to fixed gear foot retention. The Restrap Horizontal pedal straps are handmade in Yorkshire, UK to the highest standard from recycled car seat belts. Car seat belts are extremely strong making it very suitable for pedal straps.

    The Horizontal Pedal Straps from Restrap fit almost all BMX pedals. Just make sure your pedals have holes for the straps to thread through.

    The Restrap Horizontal Pedal Straps are best suited to the more competent fixed gear rider as the straps can sometimes be tricky to get your foot into whilst the pedals are rotating.

    If you are new to fixed gear foot retention then I would highly recommend the Restrap Diagonal Pedal Straps which are much easier to get your foot in and out.

    Key features of the Restrap Horizontal Pedal Straps:

    • Handmade in Yorkshire, UK.

    • Super strong construction made from recycled car seat belts.

    • Adjustable to fit all shoe sizes.

    • Package includes fittings for easy installation.

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