Single Speed Fixie Frameset - Steel

  • £35.00

  • If you like to build your own custom build Fixied gear bikes, we have these GREENWAY designed unique fixed gear bike frame and fork sets for you. These frame and for sets are made with hi standard and sold with 1 year warranty.

    Frame Weilding: Argon TIG EU standard.

    Packaging: Fullly protective poackaing and inside 5 layer carton , ready to ship.
    If you need parts please view our other listings .

    Available Sizes- Size 52 & 56Cm-PINK+Black frme sets,
                                Size-52 & 56 CM -Blue + Black frame sets
                                Size-52 & 56 CM -Red+Black frame sets
                                Size-52 & 56 CM Silver+Black frame sets
                                Size-52 CM Matt black frame sets
    Recomended head parts & Seat post size

       REcomended seat post size--25.4X300X2.2T Size
                                          Head SET-28.6 X34 X30 Size or 1" size
                                          BB Set size-3P, L-119 MM

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