State Bicycle Co Gold w/ Black Spokes Track Wheelset – Fixed Gear Frenzy
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State Bicycle Co Gold w/ Black Spokes Track Wheelset

State Bicycle Co Gold w/ Black Spokes Track Wheelset

State Bicycle Co

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State Bicycle deep-wheels are a size 700 with a 43mm rim depth front and rear.  Each wheel features Quando 32H x 14G hubs; the rear is a flip-flop hub with a 16T (16 tooth) fixed cog only.  For a small upgrade, you can purchase a 16T free wheel cog, in addition to the included fixed cog, to make this a true flip-flop hub for fixed gear or free wheel versatility.  Additionally, both wheels feature a high-quality nylon rim strip to protect tubes from punctures.  Both front and rear wheels are machined for brakes.  We recommend a 700x23c road tire with presta valves for all State Bicycle wheels.

Also available are chain tensioners, which allow for easy adjustment to chain tension and wheel location.

NOTE: Rear wheel has a flip-flop hub with a fixed cog only.  As is, this wheel is only for fixed gear riding.  If you wish to add a free wheel to this flip-flop hub, please select the free wheel option to make your rear wheel a true flip-flop wheel, requiring no additional tools or parts.

[Q] Do the wheels come assembled? 
[A] Wheels come with hubs, spokes, and rim strips assembled.  If you purchase tensioners or a free wheel, that will need to be assembled.  Please also note, tubes and tires are NOT included.  Although assembly is possible to do yourself, State Bicycle HIGHLY encourages having a professional assemble your bicycle.  If you want to get the most out of your bicycle, have it assembled by a professional; it?s an easy investment to have your bike ride smoothly, last a long time, and OPERATE SAFELY! You wouldn?t try to unprofessionally assemble your own computer, transmission, or house, so don?t do it to your bicycle! 

[Q] When will I receive my wheel(s)? 
[A] We ship several times per week using FedEx Ground. Tracking numbers will be provided at shipment. 

[Q] Do the wheel(s) come with a warranty? 
[A] The wheel(s) is covered under a 1-year manufacturers warranty against defects, but not damage. To make a warranty claim, you MUST be able to provide your order number.  Claims should be sent to and are valid for 365 days of the date of purchase. We reserve the right to request photographs of the damage and may only replace the damaged part, rather than the entire wheel.