State Bicycle Co Matte Black 5 Fixie Single Speed Bike

State Bicycle Co
  • £384.00
  • Save £15

  • The Matte Black 5 by State Bicycle Co and it just looks so good! It comes in 3 handlebar types and 5 frame sizes. It's flip flop hub means easy switching between single speed or fixed. It's steel frame soaks up the bumps making for a comfortable ride. The State Bicycle Matte Black 5 is limited edition design with limited stock so don't miss out on this opportunity to get one. Pedals and brakes are included with the Matte Black 5 and some basic assembly is required. You can see more in our FAQ section.

    Key features:

    • Choice of 3 handlebars types

    • Flip Flop hubs

    • 4130 Steel frame

    • Deep v wheels for strength

    • Massive range of frame sizes