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Vittoria Revo KXS 700c x 23

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Unique reversible tyre adapting to all conditions, 290 TPI Revo KXS has Evo Slick racing tread on one face, Evo Tech wet-weather tread on the reverse.
Puncture-resistant belt under each tread means double flat protection, yet still only 10% heavier than the benchmark Corsa Evo.

Unique casing is robust and versatile

Double tread life, double flat protection

One tyre for all seasons and events

Revo KXS is a unique tyre, a bravura exposition of all Vittoria's leading technologies. The superfine, flexible casing, in Vittoria's exclusive 290 TPI polycotton/Kevlar(R) mix, has a tread applied to each face.

One face has a slick tread in our Kevlar-reinforced compound, for outright speed and grip; the reverse has our unique, wet-weather compound with fine diamond centre and ribbed shoulders to shed water. According to season or event, the tyre can be reversed to suit prevailing conditions.

Each tread is backed with Vittoria's famed puncture-resistant belt, so whichever tread is in use has double flat-protection.
All this comes at very little weight penalty.

And Vittoria's uniquely flexible, high-thread-count casing means that the tyre retains the fast-rolling comfort and sweet handling of other Vittoria open tubulars.

Revo KXS: a tyre for all seasons, for many reasons.

* Bead Type: Folding
* Casing Technology: Corespun K 290 TPI
* Tread Technology: Twin Tread
* Tread Compound: Kevlar Si02 - Aquagrip
* Puncture Protection: 2 x PRB
* Pressure 115/145 psi
* 700 x 23c 275g