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Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick 700c x 23 Red

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Vittoria's flagship model. When it comes to high-mileage (torture tested in extreme distance events) the Rubino has proved itself again and again. Slick racing tread for even greater speed on smooth, clean surfaces, in other respects the 150 TPI Rubino Pro Slick is identical to Pro.

Great all-round tyre for quicker riders

High mileage and long service life

Secure and comfortable

* Bead Type: Folding
* Casing Technology: Nylon 150 TPI
* Tread Technology: Twin Tread
* Tread Compound: Aramid Enduro
* Puncture Protection: PRB
* Pressure: 23c 100/145 psi, 25c 100/130 psi
* 700c x 23 215g.
* 700c x 25 225g