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Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Tech 700c x 23 Black

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Unique Zaffiro tread pattern with the special wet-grip compound and denseweave sidewall protection of Rubino Tech, Zaffiro Pro Tech is the training tyre of choice for winter conditions.

Reliable and convenient 60 TPI foldable tyre

Intelligent tread design, with 20% enhanced winter grip

Economical, high-mileage tyre for challenging conditions

* Bead Type: Folding
* Casing Technology: Nylon 60 TPI
* Tread Technology: Aquaflow
* Tread Compound: Aquagrip
* Puncture Protection: PRB
* Cut Protection: Mithril
* Pressure: 100/145 psi
* 700c x 23 290g