Dr Sludge Self Sealing Inner Tube


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  • This 700c tube is loaded with a specially formulated compound, that forms a layer of sealant around the inside of the tube protecting it from punctures. This size is suitable for hybrid, touring & city bikes with 700c wheels. Weighing only 70 grams more than a standard our Raleigh inner tube, it wont slow you down.

  • Self Sealing Tube Prevents Flat Tyres
  • Different sizes available
  • Fixes and seals Punctures Instantly up to 3mm Diameter
  • Inner Tube and Tyre will not stick together
  • Presta (High pressure) or Schrader Valve
  • Weight from only 250 grams

    Useful Tips

  • Always remember to check your tyre for objects such as glass or thorns when fitting
  • Ensure the wheel is rotated several times prior to use to allow Goo to evenly coat the tube

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